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IBM still has a lot of work to do

Big Blue is trying to become a leader in the cloud and data services spaces. But leaving the past behind takes time. IBM (IBM) is in the midst of a major turnaround program that will take…


The Nasdaq rebounds

After several high-profile tech firms on the Nasdaq plunged on Monday, they're back up as if nothing happened.​ The Nasdaq Composite Index fell sharply on Monday, along with all…

symantec - avg - antivirus

Symantec vs. AVG Technologies

Antivirus software makers Symantec and AVG Technologies are on very different trajectories this year. Few care much about anti-virus software until a computer user catches a virus that…

image sensors

Image sensors are a booming business for Sony

Sony is well known for its consumer-facing products. But image sensors may turn out to be its best product yet. After struggling in the smartphone market, Sony (SNE) is finally carving out…

apple - china

China brings Apple down

Last week, markets around the globe went into the red after China's devaluation. Apple is still there today. After China allowed its currency, the yuan, to depreciate last week, it sent…

Microsoft cloud

Microsoft is a fast-growing cloud play

While best known for Windows and hardware, Microsoft is now embracing the cloud. Shares of Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) initially fell after the company reported its fiscal fourth quarter…