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Netflix Hits Highest Level in 4 Months

by: Brett Hershman, Benzinga Staff Writer Netflix, Inc. recently hit its highest level in four months. The streaming giant's Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt late last week gave…


EA Forms New Unit, 'Worldwide Studios'

In an 'organizational update' released yesterday by CEO Andrew Wilson, EA announced the creation of EA Worldwide Studios, a global group of its top studios all under the…


PlayStation Meeting Coverage (Updated)

So in case you haven't heard, Sony is having a PlayStation Meeting today at 3pm ET/ 12pm PT right here in NYC. Apple is also having their Apple Event at 1pm ET/ 10am PT in…


A Virtual Who's Who of VR

VR or virtual reality is still in its infant stages, with many companies still developing and refining just what it means to bring a VR experience to reality. With an active competitive…