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hp split

End of an era: HP splits

Now that the HP split is official, it marks the end of Hewlett-Packard's 77 years as a single company. It's been 12 months in the making, but the HP split has finally come and…


Sky-high startup valuations can be misleading

Billion-dollar tech startups are everywhere, but there's always room for undervalued, low-debt tech firms too. Unicorns aren't as rare as they used to be. They're…

video advertising

Social networks embrace video advertising

Move over, YouTube. Social networks are upping their video advertising offerings to appeal to companies. When it comes to video advertising, YouTube has long been the industry leader.…

social networking - Facebook - Twitter - Tinder

Your social networking apps are changing

Big changes are coming to some of the most popular social networking offerings on the market. Are you ready? Say goodbye to these social networking platforms as you've come to…