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intel compute stick dongle

There's a new $150 computer on the market

Intel's $150 computer costs less than an Apple Watch, but will it be as popular as Apple TV? Intel (INTC) is leading the push into the low-cost dongle PC space with its $150…

yelp mobile apps consumer reviews

What's wrong with Yelp?

Yelp is under fire from business owners who allege extortion. Investors aren't giving it any slack either. Yelp (YELP) can’t seem to catch a break. Share prices are down 40…

sandisk semiconductor stocks

Troubling drop in semiconductor stocks

SanDisk's shares lost a huge chunk of value last week. What does that drop mean for semiconductor stocks? When SanDisk (SNDK) fell from a closing price of $87.07 on March 20 to…

apple tv cable companies

Apple TV might disrupt cable operators

Apple is rumored to be rolling out a TV service. What could that mean for competitors? Apple (AAPL) is expanding its business once again. This time, the computing giant is planning a TV…

nintendo mobile gaming

Here we go! Nintendo enters the smartphone market

Nintendo's stock has shot up following the news that it will enter the mobile gaming market. Nintendo’s (NTDOY) announcement on March 17 that it would enter the mobile market…