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wireless carriers

Wireless Carriers Look to Cuba and the Future

Roaming in Cuba and 5G trials—here's what the big four U.S. wireless carriers are working on these days. Airplanes, Airbnb and hotels aren't the only U.S. companies with…

smart home - millennials

How Much Would You Spend On a Smart Home?

Talk of smart homes has floated around for years, but what will it take for smart home to become the norm? The smart home is nothing new—just watch an episode of The…

cloud computing - cars

Cloud Computing + Cars = Match Made in IoT Heaven

The connected car runs on gas and cloud computing software. These three companies are driving this trend. Unlike smart cars, which are "so ugly" and mainly appealing because…

robots - artificial intelligence

Your Coworkers (And Boss) Could Be Robots

Science fiction no more—robots are a growing part of our reality. Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What will your job look like in 2065? Do you think it…

wearables sxsw

Everything Is Bigger in Texas, Including Wearables

Along with encryption, the South by Southwest Interactive festival has thrust wearables into the spotlight. Thanks in part to President Obama's comments on the Apple (AAPL)-FBI battle,…