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internet of things - iot

Intel moves from the PC to the IoT

Once know for its work with PCs, Intel is embracing a new sector: the Internet of Things, or IoT. The Internet of Things, or IoT, has become quite popular. It is now so mainstream that…

nokia here maps

Nokia in no rush to sell Here maps

Here maps, Nokia's digital mapping service, is up for sale if potential buyers can come up with the right price. A stock benefits when a firm looks for ways to maximize shareholder…

enterprise technology

Enterprise technology is taking over

It isn't sexy, and you might not even know what it is, but enterprise technology is getting bigger than ever. Enterprise technology—the tech companies sell to other firms to…

Intel - Recon - wearables

Intel plays it smart by moving into wearables

The computer market is dying, so Intel is focusing on the next big thing: smart glasses. A disastrous outlook from fellow PC components supplier Micron Technology (MU) hurt Intel (INTC)…