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Box IPO: Another player in cloud storage

The cloud just got more crowded with Box's IPO. But is a stock automatically hot because its sector is?  Here we go again. When Box (BOX) completed its long-awaited IPO on…


BlackBerry and Samsung: Did it make sense?

Rumors of a BlackBerry-Samsung merger didn't pan out...this time. But would it have been a good move? Rumors were flying last week that Samsung (SSNLF) offered as much as $7.5 billion…

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Why Micron stock is pulling back

With solid fundamentals, Micron might seem like a good buy, so why doesn't the stock pull out of its rut? When a semiconductor stock is trading at a forward P/E of 8 and its business…

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Intel’s on fire, so why aren’t its shares?

Intel stock just can't turn it around despite solid earnings. Meanwhile AMD fares even worse Shares of Intel Corp. (INTC) are having a tough time breaking to the upside. After closing…

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The end of the 3D printing craze?

2014 saw 3D printing stocks plummet, and valuations remain high. What do investors need to see for the sector to rebound?​ 3D printing stocks continue to hit new lows every day. ExOne…

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Are we due for a pullback in semiconductor stocks?

Semiconductor stocks have been on a bullish tear, but a pullback may have already begun. After briefly dipping on January 6, 2015, the iShares PHLX Semiconductor ETF (SOXX) rebounded just…