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biotech bubble healthcare undervalued stocks

6 undervalued healthcare stocks

There's a lot of bubble talk going around about healthcare, but these 6 stocks might have room to grow. The healthcare sector has been making a lot of money for investors…

broker ratings

Zacks: Stocks with upgraded broker ratings

In the Screen of the Week, Kevin Matras lets upgraded broker ratings guide him to potential investments. I'm sure we've all had the pleasure of waking one morning and seeing that a…


Everything is awesome for Lego

Lego is riding a wave of sales growth that puts Mattel to shame. Sorry, Barbie. Having surpassed Mattel (MAT) as the world's largest toymaker by sales in September,…

deepwater drilling

Deepwater drillers rebound

With oil prices beginning to tick up, deepwater drillers could be a compelling play. Oil seems to be mulling a comeback. After dipping into the high $40s, Brent oil closed at $61 on…

bp oil stocks crude

BP in focus as crude oil ticks up

A turnaround in plummeting oil prices has benefitted a number of energy plays, but BP is in the spotlight. Last week’s rally in oil prices has lifted a number of energy plays,…

stocks under $10

Zacks: Explosive stocks under $10

  Wallet feeling a little light? Check out these stocks under $10 in Kevin Matras's latest Screen of the Week. This screen is a bit of a departure from my normal…