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What is NCR, the company behind ATMs, worth?

How much is that ATM manufacturer in the window? In the case of NCR, it's $10 billion. ATM-maker NCR Corporation (NCR), which boasts a market capitalization of $5.2 billion, is in…

currency etfs - interest rates

Higher interest rates are coming to the US

The interest rate hike is coming! The interest rate hike is coming! So bring on the currency ETFs. The United States is setting out to raise interest rates later this year. This is…

ford f-150

Ford is betting a lot on the F-150

The F-150 represents both a challenge and opportunity for Ford. So which one is the truck shaping up to be? Up until today, Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) was soaring to new heights. That…


These are some interesting times for banks

Earnings season has been good to banks. Will the interest rate hike—taking place later this year—do the same? Banks in the U.S. are improving. Bank of America (BAC)…

volatility - VIX

Volatility is so last week

After spiking last week for obvious reasons, expectations of market volatility are down. Should they be?  Now that the Grexit is kind of on hold and China's stock market…