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Zacks: PEG Ratio vs. the P/E Ratio

In this Screen of the Week, Kevin Matras asks whether the PEG ratio or the P/E ratio is a better value metric. Which valuation metric is better: the PEG ratio or the P/E…

stocks with earnings next week

5 profitable stocks with earnings next week

This isn't a typical earnings season. Here's a heads up for what stocks are reporting earnings next week. In the words of Talking Numbers' Alex Rosenberg,…

railroad stocks

How do oil prices affect railroad stocks?

Don't get sidetracked by easy answers. Turns out railroad stocks have a complicated relationship with oil prices. When OPEC decided on Thanksgiving that it would rather…

bank stocks

Bank stocks not compelling buys after the dip

It's been a disappointing earnings season for US banks Bank stocks are trading near yearly lows for good reason. Disappointing quarterly earnings mean that investors feel justified…