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ETfs - exchange-traded funds

3 Key Questions to Ask When Considering an ETF

Thinking about investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs)? Be sure you can answer these questions before you do. Choosing investments for your portfolio is a complex—and sometimes…

superbowl 50

Super Bowl Ads: Are They Worth It?

The most watched show in TV history is famous for its ads. But do high ratings affect the advertising companies? No matter which team ends up victorious in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, one…

stock stars

Stock Stars Showcase: The Final Countdown

As the latest Stock Stars comes to an end, here are the stocks held by the top three tournament leaders. January is coming to an end, and it's taking Stock Stars along with it.…

earnings season Q4 2015

Earnings season has arrived

It's time for companies to share their quarterly earnings. These are the five high-profile firms reporting this week. Earnings season kicks off…

explosive stocks under $10

Zacks: Explosive stocks under $10

The stocks featured in the final Screen of the Week of the year could add fireworks to your portfolio. This screen is a bit of a departure from my normal stock…

peg vs p/e ratio

Zacks: PEG ratio vs. the P/E ratio

There's no perfect, one-size-fits-all valuation metric, but as this Screen of the Week show, the PEG and P/E ratios can be quite useful.   Which valuation metric is…