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stocks under $10

Zacks: Explosive stocks under $10

This Screen of the Week is focused on your wallet—stocks that are inexpensive and potentially pack a punch. This screen is a bit of a departure from my normal stock…


Shutterstocks stutters

Stock photo platform Shutterstock expects hard times ahead. And it's not the only struggling photo firm. It's been a rough couple of days for online photo stock…

Carl Icahn - Cheniere Energy

Carl Icahn bets on Cheniere Energy

Whatever Carl Icahn wants, Carl Icahn gets. Will he be able to get Cheniere Energy to turn things around? Even though the energy sector is performing poorly, Cheniere Energy (LNG) is bucking…

institutional buying

Zacks: How to uncover institutional buying

In this Screen of the Week, learn how to find out where smart money chooses to go.  One of the best ways to find stocks on the move that are grabbing the attention of investors is to…

news corp

The unseen value in News Corp.

News Corp.'s biggest brands are struggling, but a recent upgrade and high book sales could turn things around. Growing consumption of online content is making traditional news…

stock price target

Zacks: What's your stock's price target?

This Screen of the Week shows that calculating a stock's price target is easier than you think. In spite of the market trading near all-time highs, last week’s pullback has…