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brazil - recession

Brazil is in a recession

The world's seventh-largest economy is now in a recession. And it may take years for Brazil's economy to recover. Brazil's economy entered a recession in the second…

universal pictures

Universal Pictures is having a great year

Consumers aren't paying for small-screen entertainment, but the big screen is a different story. Ask Universal. Traditional media, as we know it, is dead. That's the gist of…

sell-off - China

Red, red everywhere

Another day, another global stock sell-off spurred by weak manufacturing data coming out of China.  It's not the way anyone wanted to end the week. But after…

methane emissions

EPA proposes cuts to methane emissions

President Obama's climate change agenda includes addressing methane emissions. Today, the EPA shares its plan. On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed…

egg prices

Get ready to spend more money on your breakfast

Rising pork belly and egg prices mean that your morning eggs and bacon will take a bigger bite out of your wallet. Americans' love for bacon and a particularly bad case of bird flu are…

yuan devaluation

How low can you go? (CC: Chinese yuan)

A second devaluation of the Chinese yuan has many worried about the world's second-largest economy. On Wednesday, China devalued the yuan for the second straight…