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FIFA - corruption - World Cup - Justice Department

The beautiful game is a dirty one

Watch out, Sepp! FIFA has been dealt a red card by the US Justice Department in a corruption investigation. Early Wednesday morning, Swiss police arrested seven senior FIFA officials at a…

tidal music streaming spotify

Tidal wave of streaming: an infographic

Tidal launched with much fanfare this spring, but successfully breaking into music streaming is hard to do. On March 30, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Kanye and several other…


Tesla wants to come into your home

First Tesla tackled the electric car. Now it's taking on the electric grid, one house at a time.  Tesla (TSLA) is entering the home battery market with the launch of…


Chipotle axes GMO ingredients from its menu

GMOs are no longer available at Chipotle. But that's not the only healthy-ish shift happening in food today. In a move that will make Food Babe happy and probably garner an eyeroll…


Repent! Avocado-geddon may be upon us

Sorry, guys, the avocado—your favorite berry-you-didn't-know-was-a-berry—may be about to make itself scarce. There are a lot of fun facts you could rattle off about…