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Repent! Avocado-geddon may be upon us

Sorry, guys, the avocado—your favorite berry-you-didn't-know-was-a-berry—may be about to make itself scarce. There are a lot of fun facts you could rattle off about…

millennial car buying

Looks like millennials do buy cars after all

Turns out millennials do buy cars when there's no credit crunch happening. But which ones? Unpacking the millennial mindset is big business, as this age cohort is entering a recovering…


Got a craving for chocolate?

More people want chocolate, especially overseas, and that could put pressure on the global cocoa supply.  Nestlé (OTCMKTS: NSRGY) is up 0.6 percent for the day, as of…

minimum wage 15 for 15

15 on 15: the minimum wage fight rages on

Protesters across the globe are demanding better pay for hourly workers. What companies are affected? If you work at Gravity Payments in Seattle, you were just guaranteed a raise.…

ceo pay bank stocks ceo compensation

Does high CEO pay hurt banks' shareholders?

Big banks' CEOs make 70 to 160 times more than their average employee. Does this hurt shareholders? On Friday, The Wall Street Journal published a graphic analyzing…