Sky-high startup valuations can be misleading

Billion-dollar tech startups are everywhere, but there's always room for undervalued, low-debt tech firms too. Unicorns aren't as rare as they used to be. They're…

BP - deepwater horizon settlement

BP is out of the woods

After an oil spill, a bumbling CEO—oh, and five years—is BP making a case to be considered undervalued? BP (BP) rallied 5.1 percent on July 2 after the company said it…

peg ratio p/e ratio

Zacks: PEG Ratio vs. the P/E Ratio

This Screen of the Week pits the PEG ratio against the P/E ratio in the quest to find the best valuation metric. Which valuation metric is better: the PEG ratio or the P/E…

biotech bubble healthcare undervalued stocks

6 undervalued healthcare stocks

There's a lot of bubble talk going around about healthcare, but these 6 stocks might have room to grow. The healthcare sector has been making a lot of money for investors…