Infographic: Next Gen Gaming with New Xbox One and PS4 Consoles

Infographic: Next Gen Gaming with New Xbox One and PS4 Consoles

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The new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles both launch this month. Is next gen gaming ready for reality?

Gamers have been eagerly anticipating the newest Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Their new features and titles have been widely reported, including some traditionally reserved for other media devices. But then, is anything really traditional in the world of technology?

Follow both consoles as they make their way through the world of next gen gaming… and try to wreak havoc on other consumer electronics.

Read more about the next gen gaming: Xbox One and PS4: New Consoles, Old Problems?

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24 Responses to “Infographic: Next Gen Gaming with New Xbox One and PS4 Consoles”

  1. Fred Simpson says:

    Let them fight because Google is likely to swoop in and snatch up the market with cheap games and an entertainment hub beyond what M$ and Sony bring to the table. That said, great infographic!! One advantage Sony has is that gamers want the ps4 controller on pc functionality. Heck gamers (myself included) want the controller to work on smartphone and tablet games. Bring it on! I think Sony won the PR battle and is perceived as being much more gamer friendly. That's a win for them!

  2. @NewXBoxOne1 says:

    Xbox One’s ambitions are higher, it comes with a few oddities. You can’t say “Xbox play game” to go back to your video game, because the “play” command is reserved for playback controls or launching the music app. You have to say “Xbox select” to light up certain words new Xbox one on the screen that allow you to navigate, but the choices are inconsistent. Sometimes apps have “full screen” as an option, and sometimes it’s “go to full screen.”

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