Xbox One and PS4: New Consoles, Old Problems?

Xbox One and PS4: New Consoles, Old Problems?

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Are the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One new consoles set for a smooth, or rocky launch?

As Microsoft (MSFT) and Sony (SNE) enter the home stretch for this month’s releases of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game consoles, both companies have possibly troubling news about their soon to be launched hardware.

Learn more with our infographic: Next Gen Gaming with New Xbox One and PS4 Consoles

Privacy concerns, dropped launch features and other hardware changes have some gamers worried, and bring to mind the day-one issues that plagued the last console generation.

Click on the interactive chart below to see prices for both companies over the last console generation.

The Xbox One launch is scheduled for November 22. Game developers report that late iterations of Microsoft’s Software Development Kit (SDK) and the Xbox One operating system have been buggy and in some instances crashing, lengthening the already tight QA and submission process for launch day games.

Developers have also been claiming that graphically, the Xbox One is not as robust as the PS4, which has put Microsoft on damage control as gamers decide which system to purchase.

Customers are expressing privacy concerns raised by the integration of the Microsoft Kinect into the Xbox One console. Microsoft has acknowledged that the Kinect camera will use:

  • Ambient conversations
  • Voice chat
  • Even the faces/skeletal structures of people in the room.
  • All of which will provide information to Microsoft, developers, and third-party marketers.

Microsoft is reassuring customers that information will not be personally identifiable, and that privacy opt-outs and the ability to turn off the system will be functional at release.

There is worrisome news about the PS4 as well. Sony recently released a massive FAQ detailing the launch titles and features, and many have been cut or will be disabled at launch, resulting in a sizable backlash from the gamer community.

  • The PS4 requires a day-one firmware patch to enable several features.
  • It will not support Suspend/Resume at launch.
  • And the PS4 will not support the ability to connect an external hard drive for additional storage.

With next-generation AAA games clocking in at 50gb install sizes for a digital release, the PS4’s initial 500gb hard drive size could fill up very fast. PS4 users can swap out the internal hard drive as long as it falls within certain specifications.

Gamers are most upset however about Sony’s decision to cut media server support. Current game consoles support third party media server software, to allow users to stream music and video content from their PCs or other devices to their console for playback.

With this change, gamers will likely be forced to purchase media from the Sony store, which some see as an unnecessary extra cost for people who enjoy playing games to their own soundtrack.

Launch problems in a new console are not unheard of. The Xbox 360 and PS3 both suffered from crippling hardware problems at launch, that were corrected in later iterations of hardware. But will this keep early adopters at home on release day?

Click on the interactive chart below to see data over time. 

Will the new console generation get off to a smooth start? Use the list below as a starting point for your own analysis.

1. Microsoft Corporation (MSFT, Earnings, Analysts, Financials): Develops, licenses, and supports a range of software products and services for various computing devices worldwide. Market cap at $259.95B, most recent closing price at $31.15.


2. Sony Corporation (SNE, Earnings, Analysts, Financials): Designs, develops, manufactures, and sells electronic equipment, instruments, and devices for consumer, professional, and industrial markets worldwide. Market cap at $21.25B, most recent closing price at $21.02.


(List compiled by George Tsemberlis. All charts sourced from Zacks Investment Research. All other data sourced from Finviz)

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Written by George Tsemberlis 


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13 responses to “Xbox One and PS4: New Consoles, Old Problems?”

  1. Dan says:

    FYI Sony has been quoted as saying they are now in talks to add media server abilities to the PS4, so you may want to update this article. One less reason to buy an xbox one, as if we needed any besides the higher price, less powerful ram and an obvious focus on the living room instead of the gamer.

    • gamc says:

      How can you say its not focus on gaming, when xbox live is clearly all about the gamer and their friends.

  2. Josh says:

    Haha Dan buying a ps4 lol. Xbox one is a far superior console. It already has the media server abilities. Ps4 Has had so many issues on release day and you now have to pay for such a bad online service. Xbox live is a lot better than play stations online service

  3. Ruud PS says:

    Lol, im interested in the games and not the Multi media bullshit. I just start up my laptop if im into that bullshit what works ten times faster than any console.
    PS4 will get to it later and i dont mind that one bit.

  4. danny says:

    i would say ps4 is the good buy but as far as my loyalty, it remains to Xbox. sure its less of a gaming system but its tailored to the future instead of the past. and i would like to add that both consoles may have good specs but some of there chips are modified to only preform one task, and since Xbox has a much better os it may or may not preform better. only time will tell gents, and as i said i am an Xbox fan boy but with a less bias view.

  5. Reaper says:

    Learn the facts ps4 has more under the hood yes but remember all that hardware is still run buy software and the software can and will make the difference and who do you think has more experience tweaking the software that controls everything as the xbox and xbox 360 which buy the way were and are still not as beefy as there counter parts and are still running and in some cases doing better than sony so again the one will make up the difference as for price EACH XBOX ONE Microsoft has said that every standard Xbox One will work as a dev kit at some point, however not from launch. were as the ps3 and ps4 dev kits are how much so you do the math.

  6. Leandro Ps4 says:

    i would say xbox one is the good buy but as far as my loyalty, it remains to Ps4.

  7. John says:

    Very interesting.

  8. Xbox one new consoles are better than older one I prefer Xbox

  9. In my opinion Xbox one is much more better than P.S4 consoles as it always provide better version than previous one.

  10. Xbox and PS4 are best gaming tools used worldwide. These have made gaming a way better and so much. But yet these problems are also a part of it. Nice stuff on it.

  11. rushessays says:

    I had both Xbox one and Plays station 4 because I am fond of playing games and become addict of playing games. Here are the old problems discussed in this article about these two gamming soft wares. I must say it is truly very helpful site for me to resolve many issues regarding problems in these games.

  12. PHEM says:

    Wonderful and really smart work,I want to visit your all site and also want to wait for your another post,Please soon share your another post,

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