The Wii U’s Appeal Goes beyond Nintendo Nostalgia

The Wii U’s Appeal Goes beyond Nintendo Nostalgia

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Will you Wii U? Probably, if you can get your hands on one. The fact that Wii U has already sold out of pre-orders only piques my interest (in addition to good ol' Nintendo nostalgia).  This new wave of interest speaks to persistent power of the Nintendo Wii brand, which opened up gaming to a world of casual gamers.

Or anyone with $300 to spare.  The new Wii U comes in ubiquitous white ($299) and a dressier black ($349).  Nintendo (NTDOY) is hoping to boost falling margins by nudging consumers towards the deluxe black set which offers 32GB flash memory as opposed to just 8GB of the basic model. Both have 2GB of RAM.

When you compare these specs to a 250GB Xbox or a 320GB PS3 (both are ~$300), the WiiU is puny! And when you consider Microsoft's (MSFT) Xbox 720 and Sony's (SNEPS4 that are looming on the 2013 horizon, the current stock out for the WiiU seems premature.

But Nintendo devices were never about sheer horsepower. They are about possibility.  They are about sharing entertainment. And now, multimedia entertainment. In addition to the slew of familiar multi-player games including new Pikmin and Super Smash Bros., Wii U will connect you via TVii to content-providers such as Netflix (NFLX), Amazon (AMZN) instant video, and Hulu. The new GamePad controller, a handheld touchscreen tablet, offers even more options for gaming, streaming, and browsing.

With these new features, the Wii U hopes to be the hub of your entertainment needs. However, the video on demand market is heavily competitive and fragmented.  The friendly Wii U is going to have to find a profitable niche among set-top boxes like ROKU (under $100) and Apple TV (AAPL)(also under $100), content providers like Netflix, and even tablets like the iPad, the current benchmark for all things media. Wii U aspires to compile all these sources of fun into one device at a premium.

For those who are itching to touch, tap, watch, dance, or stream an HD movie. WiiU  branded remotes and accessories will be available before the November 18 Wii U release date, according to a Nintendo preview.

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14 responses to “The Wii U’s Appeal Goes beyond Nintendo Nostalgia”

  1. sonicfan1373 says:

    You are comparing the storage sizes not mentioning that Nintendo will allow users to connect external HDs up to 3 Terabytes to the system via the USB ports.

    • katostudios says:

      Exactly. The Wii U saves people money with low memory. Also it does NOT require games to be installed as it can read discs more than twice as fast as playstation can, and 5 times as fast as xbox. All It needs memory for is saved games and maybe DLC's, also teh memory is purely flash. Which makes it extremely fast compared to other systems. And then we can plug in memory! That is way better than ps3 and xbox 360. Im a huge playstation fan, but I know that this system exceeds it by far. And I honestly don't care about xbox 720 or ps4, nintendo takes the cake this year, and next year.

  2. ASD says:

    Not hating, but you should really finish your research.

  3. katostudios says:

    Ya buddy, research about the system more. It is way beyond current gen power and it has already been confirmed by developers. Even Activision CEO said it is. Ubisoft also said that next gen consoles will not be much stronger than Wii U, as graphics no longer matter to the industry, and are simply too hard to upgrade. A Microsoft developer also stated "Many people are expecting a huge graphics leap like we had with the xbox 360. Those people are going to be disappointed. Next generation will be all about gameplay and innovation, and the graphics will not change by much at all. A higher resolution is the best bet. Wii U is what next generation will be, not some mega powerful game hardware, but innovative and fun. While also having 2-4 times the cpu, but graphics? Stay the same".

  4. Tiny Tricia says:

    I think he meant "puny" as in size.

  5. michael says:

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  6. Pachete Web says:

    Usted está comparando los tamaños de almacenamiento sin mencionar que Nintendo va a permitir a los usuarios conectarse HDs externa de hasta 3 terabytes en el sistema a través de los puertos USB.

  7. cibipublicom says:

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  8. pardalian says:

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  9. foto tapet says:

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  10. Passbeemedia says:

    Great game ! I should be buy soon

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