The Morning Hype: Twitter Earnings, the Most Charitable Companies, and ‘Freedom Tickets’

The Morning Hype: Twitter Earnings, the Most Charitable Companies, and ‘Freedom Tickets’

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Coca-Cola is Trying to Counteract Less Interest Globally in Soda (via Bloomberg)

Countries Come Together to Fund Abortion Globally After Trump 'Gag Rule' (via Reuters)

The Most Valuable Brands By Country (via MarketWatch)

Oculus Rift Loses Floor Exposure at Best Buy Due to 'Poor Performance' (via Gizmodo)

Trump Had Nothing to Do with the Intel Factory Being Built (via The Verge)

Twitter Quarterly Earnings: Trump Did Nothing to Boost Twitter Users (via Mashable)

The Most Charitable Companies (via Fortune)

Airline CEOs to Meet with Trump Today (via Business Insider)

NYC: MTA Considers 'Freedom Tickets' for Borough Residents (via Gothamist)



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