The Morning Hype: Tax Update, Cryptokitties, and Why Does CVS Want Aetna?

The Morning Hype: Tax Update, Cryptokitties, and Why Does CVS Want Aetna?

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Trump Hints At Making Corporate Tax Cut Even Bigger, Coropration Promise Cuts Will Only Go to Shareholders (via Bloomberg)

CVS Agrees to Buy Aetna for $69BN, Wants to Build Community Health Centers (via MarketWatch)

Tax Deal Did Not Hurt Dollar, Stocks (via Reuters)

Report: Disney Once Again Interested in Buying Fox Assets (via Gizmodo)

Forbes List: Best States for Business 2017 (via Forbes)

Australia Next Up to Investigate 'Disruption' of News Media by Facebook and Google (via Fortune)

Visa Sacks Head of Innovation for 'Violating Visa Policy' (via Recode)

Ethereum Launches 'Cryptokitties' Game, But What Will It Do To The Blockchain? (via Mashable)

No Payout for Matt Lauer, Says CNN (via Patch)

Google Working on 'Landscraper' in London (via Business Insider)




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