The Morning Hype: ‘Shipping with Amazon’, Nividia Earnings, and No Government Shutdown

The Morning Hype: ‘Shipping with Amazon’, Nividia Earnings, and No Government Shutdown

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Expedia Drops Nearly 20% After Poor 2018 Forecast (via Reuters)

NASA Recognized Musk's Space-Roadster as a Celestial Object Now (via Gizmodo)

Nividia Has a High-Growth Year Nearly All from Chips (via MarketWatch)

Sounds Like the Uber/Waymo Case is Vague and Confusing (via The Verge)

Japan is Hardlining the UK in Brexit Talks (via Quartz)

Government Shutdown Avoided Just Hours Before Start (via Fortune)

Don't Call This a Bear Market (via Forbes)

The East Village's Dream to Be a Silicon Valley 2.0 Clears Another Step (via Patch)

Amazon Will Launch Its Own Package Delivery Service (via Business Insider)



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