The Morning Hype: Net Neutrality Will Be Repealed Today

The Morning Hype: Net Neutrality Will Be Repealed Today

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Disney Buys Fox Assets for $52BN  (via Bloomberg)

Pai Dead Set on Terrible Net Neutraliy Repeal, Even Though Russian Bots Flood Comments (via Reuters)

Teva Pharmaceuticals to Cut 14000 Jobs (via MarketWatch)

Apple Links Up with Finisar for Face ID Sensors in $390MN Deal (via Gizmodo)

Comcast Pinky Pwomises Not to Throttle Your Internet, But Supports Net Neutrality Repeal (via The Verge)

Battlefront II Gets 'The Last Jedi' Characters and DLC (via Mashable)

AT&T Reaches Deal with 21000 Workers, Reducing Outsourcing and Raising Pay (via Fortune)

HAHAHAH Mark Wahlberg As the Most Overpaid Actor of 2017 Makes Total Sense (via Forbes)

NYC: Your Snowy Commute Breaks Over the Day (via Patch)

Putin Will Run as Independent For a 'Balanced' Election, Says He Needs Competitors (Business Insider)



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