The Morning Hype: Kodak Gets into Bitcoin Mining, New Toyota Plant, and Mesh Networks

The Morning Hype: Kodak Gets into Bitcoin Mining, New Toyota Plant, and Mesh Networks

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Chinese Officials Suggest to Stop Buying U.S Treasuries (via Bloomberg)

U.S District Judge in Cali Rules DACA Must Remain While in Litigation (via Reuters)

Jack in the Box CEO Says if He Has to Raise Wages, He'll Replace Employees with Robots (via Gizmodo)

AMD Stock Falls After Attempting to Fix Meltdown/Spectre Problems with Patching (via MarketWatch)

Youtube Investigating Logan Paul for Further Consequences After Sucide Forest Video (via The Verge)

Alabama Choosen for New Toyota/Mazda Plant (via Fortune)

Hulu Steadily Outpacing Netflix for Subscribers (via Quartz)

With the Net Neutrality Repeal People Are Looking for New Ways to Connect, Please Welcome Mesh Networks (via Mashable)

Kodak is Getting into Bitcoin Mining, and You Can Too (via Business Insider)

It's Restaurant Week in NYC (via Patch)



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