The Morning Hype: Hurricane Irma, DACA Repeal, and Net Neutrality All in Limbo

The Morning Hype: Hurricane Irma, DACA Repeal, and Net Neutrality All in Limbo

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Irma is Now the Most Powerful Atlantic Storm Ever, Threatens Florida and Caribbean (via Bloomberg)

Kentucky's Govenor is Trying to Close The State's Last Abortion Clinic in Court (via Reuters)

Facebook is Working Towards Getting Copyrighted Music in User-Posted Videos (via MarketWatch)

The FCC Extends the Comment for Net Neutrality Deadline to September 21 (via Gizmodo)

Legos Sales and Profits Are Tanking, Company Announces Layoffs and a 'Reset' (via The Atlas)

Chipotle Now Offering Queso in All Stores, If You Want to Risk It (via Fortune)

People Are Touting Nissan's New Leaf As a Tesla Alternative (via The Verge)

Smartphone Prices Are Getting Out of Control (via Mashable)

NY AG and Govenor Will Sue Trump for Repealing DACA (via Gothamist)

Trump Says He Might 'Revisit' DACA if Congress Can't Pass Bill Within 6 Months (via Business Insider)



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