The Morning Hype: Facebook Wants Your Nudes, Equifax App, and $250BN in Chinese Deals

The Morning Hype: Facebook Wants Your Nudes, Equifax App, and $250BN in Chinese Deals

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Investment Firm to Bring Back World Airways, Which Died Out in 2014 (via Bloomberg)

Trump Blows Hot Air on $250BN in Deals With China, Let's See if These Actually Last (via Reuters)

Trump's Justice Department Wants AT&T to Sell CNN or DirecTV Before it Takes Over Time Warner Inc. (via MarketWatch)

Facebook Wants to Stop Revenge Porn, But First They Have to See Your Nudes (via Gizmodo)

Walmart Already Has Black Friday Deals (via Fortune)

Forbes Outlines Trump's Economic 'Scorecard' (via Forbes)

Equifax is Making an App, Yeah… That Seems Really Important to Do Right Now (via Mashable)

Uber Really Lost a Lot of Market Share to Lyft with #DeleteUber Campaign (via Recode)

NYC: How the GOP Tax Plan Might Effect NYC Residents (via Patch)

Burberry CEO Wants to Turn It Into a Full Luxury Brand, Stock Tanks 10% (via Business Insider)



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