The Morning Hype: Apple HQ is Too Small, Papa John’s CEO Steps Down, and Bitcoin Sell-Off Day 4

The Morning Hype: Apple HQ is Too Small, Papa John’s CEO Steps Down, and Bitcoin Sell-Off Day 4

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Congress Funds Government for Another Month (via Bloomberg)

120 Countries Condemn Trump's Jerusalem Move (via Reuters)

AT&T and Time Warner Extend Deadline for Merger (via MarketWatch)

Exec Chairman of Alphabet Steps Down (via Gizmodo)

Bitcoin Mining Uses a Lot of Energy, Can Renewable Help? (via The Verge)

Speaking of Bitcoin, the Sell-Off Continues (via Fortune)

Banks Offer Private Meetings with Corporate Execs, Could Break SEC Rules (via Quartz)

Papa John's CEO Steps Down for NFL Comments (via Patch)

Apple's $5BN HQ is Already Too Small (via Business Insider)



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