The Morning Hype: An 18$ Cup of Coffee, Vertical Forests in China, and a Fidget Cube

The Morning Hype: An 18$ Cup of Coffee, Vertical Forests in China, and a Fidget Cube

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Trump May Have a Harder Time Gutting the EPA Than He Thought (via Bloomberg)

Tesla Might Open in India by Summer (via Reuters)

Hedge Fund RD Legal Capital Sued for Scamming Police Officers and First Responders (via MarketWatch)

Before the Legal Brief, Major Tech Companies Donated Money and Services to Trump (via Gizmodo)

Idle Hands… Need a Fidget Cube (via The Verge)

Starbucks Offering Free Legal Advice to Employees Affected by the Immigration Ban (via Fortune)

China Wants to Fight Pollution with 'Vertical Forests' (via Mashable)

The Most Expensive Cup of Coffee is Coming to Brooklyn (via Gothamist)

YUM China Earnings Are In (via Business Insider)

'Organized Retail Crime' is Costing Retailers $30BN (via Quartz)



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