Sony Cuts Price to PSVR, Now One of the Most Affordable

Sony Cuts Price to PSVR, Now One of the Most Affordable

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To put their foot down in the VR game, PlayStation (SNE) is now lowering the price of PS VR, their virtual reality set, to $399 starting September 1st

"Across the U.S and Canada, we're launching a new bundle that includes the PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation Camera for $399 USD (MSRP)/ $499 CAD (MSRP). This essentially gives you the PlayStation Camera at no extra charge, and will be the core PS VR bundle moving forward." writes Mary Yee, VP of PlayStation Marketing.

The change in foundational sales price seems like a good first step into solidifying PlayStation's position as top dog in one of the most hyped and developing markets. IDC reported back in June that Samsung VR (that works with Samsung devices only) has the largest market share at 21.5% and 490,000 units, with Sony in a close second at 429,000 units. IDC believes that Sony, "will likely remain a leader in the near term", and with PlayStation already having the basic hardware of the PS4 in most potential customer homes, it's a natural step for those consumers to just buy the accompaning equipment from a brand they're already loyal to.  

At $399 for the core bundle, PlayStation is outpacing the market for consumer-directed virtual reality headsets. The HTC Vive is still selling for $599 after a recent $200 mark-down. The Oculus Rift is $399, but only for a limited time 'Summer of Rift' sale, then it goes back to $500. 

Be sure to check out your local retailer next month when supplies ship in.



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2 responses to “Sony Cuts Price to PSVR, Now One of the Most Affordable”

  1. Abhinavdas says:

    Atlast they made a right decision. The days of PSVR are gone !. You see who gonna buy this overpriced VR when lot of new VR's are there…

  2. johnny190 says:

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