Sony Announces Slimmed Down PSVR Model

Sony Announces Slimmed Down PSVR Model

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(feature image credit: Sony/PlayStation)


Sony PlayStation Asia announced over the weekend that it was rolling out a more streamlined version of the PSVR (link in Japanese). 

The latest model named CUH-ZVR 2, will hit shelves as a bundle set in Japan Saturday, October 14 for the same price as the U.S bundle at 44,980 yen ($399). The press release announced structure changes to the headset such as placing the headphone jack in the rear, and some rewiring consolidations that allow for a slimmer design and "improved usability". 

Sony plans on extending domestic retail sales from 394 to 913 stores across Japan, and will hold in-store events across multiple locations for the roll-out. You can check out the full specs here.

Hopefully we'll see the updated version this side of the Pacific sometime soon. 



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