SiriusXM Might Be In For Serious Changes

SiriusXM Might Be In For Serious Changes

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Liberty Media (LMCA), a major distributor of TV entertainment, is buying up shares of SiriusXM (SIRI), and could soon gain majority stake in the company. This comes as no surprise to SiriusXM, and it will likely be good news for investors, according to The Street.

SiriusXM’s current CEO, Mel Karmazin did an impressive job over the past eight years bringing the radio company to its current profitable standing, and has implied that he might be leaving. In his own words: "I’m not really good at working for somebody", which is exactly what would happen if Liberty Media ends up owning SiriusXM.

Kapitall recently reported that internet radio shows signs of taking over the radio industry, by providing better service and reach than traditional and satellite radio. Along those lines, we speculate that Liberty Media is taking the first steps to move SiriusXM from satellite radio into IP-delivered radio.

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If Liberty Media acquires a majority stake in SiriusXM, it could drive up shares of both companies and give SiriusXM a bright future in the internet radio industry.

What are your thoughts on the change?

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(Written by Danny Guttridge)


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