Sandbox-Survival Game ‘Fortnite’ Gets PS4/Xbox Cross-Play By Mistake

Sandbox-Survival Game ‘Fortnite’ Gets PS4/Xbox Cross-Play By Mistake

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After some carefully worded statements from both companies earlier this year, it seems that Microsoft and Sony still aren't ready for cross-platform play.

A PS4 gamer on Reddit first noticed the cross-platform play ability in Epic's survival-sandbox title Fortnite, as they realized that they were being paired off with players from outside their console ecosystem.  

The feature didn't last long however, as an Epic spokesperson cited a "configuration issue", and disabled the function. There was no other statement from Epic on the matter, so it looks like it won't come back any time soon. 

Microsoft has repeatedly extended welcoming offers to Sony for cross-platform play across many different games such as Rocket League and Minecraft, but Sony has continually turned down partnerships, claiming vague reasons like "responsibility to our install base". Both previously mentioned games allow for cross-platform play between the Nintendo Switch and Xbox ecosystems.  

Xbox Head Phil Spencer was asked on Twitter what he thought of the temporary cross-play availbility on Fortnite, he replied, "I would have liked to see them leave it on."

Seems like the ball is in your court Sony. 



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