The Olympics: Big Business from Start to Finish?

The Olympics: Big Business from Start to Finish?

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A lot of money goes into the Olympics, so we crunched some numbers to see where it all goes. 

From skepticism about the readiness of facilities to concerns over the weather, Sochi has certainly been one of the most-headline grabbing Olympics in recent memory. 

The events themselves have been exciting too, with underdogs gaining victories in a number of sports. Many heavy favorites from the American team, like snowboarder Shaun White and speed skater Shani Davis, have come up empty-handed, clearing the way for less famous athletes. 

Team USA – usually at the top of the medal count – lags behind Germany, Norway, and the Netherlands in 4th place. So does the host country Russia. The competition going into the final days will be stiff. 

All of this news got us inspired at Kapitall. We wanted to take a closer look at some of the business behind the Olympics, and follow the money. $51 billion, that is. Vladimir Putin's Sochi Olympics will be the most expensive one on record. But will the Russian people stand to gain from the spectacle? Or will the big winners be the sponsors, contractors, and photogenic athletes who negotiate the most expensive endorsements?

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