‘No Man’s Sky’ Releases Massive Foundation Update

‘No Man’s Sky’ Releases Massive Foundation Update

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Well after months of silence, dwindling player interest, and a general negative perception of the game and company, No Man's Sky creators Hello Games have released the "Foundation Update", the first patch to the game that contributes new playable content and not just bug fixes. 

"Welcome to the Foundation Update" the statment says, "It adds the foundations of base building, and is a foundation for things to come. This is the first of many free updates." We get it, you're using foundation both literally and figuratively.

There are now three games modes, Normal, Creative, and Survival. You can choose whether to continue to play the "chilled" version of the game, create a base and home planet in Creative, or fight the Universe in Survival. 

The release continues in mentioning that you are now able to farm resources, make waypoints in space, as well as leave messages for other people to read. That's nice, considering Hello Games stated first off that the game was multiplayer upon its first release, and gamers quickly found out that that was blatantly untrue.

The update is dense, there are new products, resources, UI, and customization options for massive transport ships called Frieghters, on top of bug fixes and general audio/visual updates. It looks as if Hello Games might be trying to turn around a pretty horrible first attempt, but is it too late?

Much like the rest of their content, the update was unannounced (they were also recently cleared of false advertising charges), so it has very much been months of silence only to have a massive update drop out of nowhere. Some people seem to enjoy it, but most players have considerably lost trust and interest in both the game and the company.

Next time, maybe hire a PR firm? Or just do better and let your game speak for itself.  




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