Nintendo’s NX Trailer Reveals New Mobile-Console Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s NX Trailer Reveals New Mobile-Console Nintendo Switch

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After last week and my criticisms of the future of Nintendo, I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. Nintendo has revealed that the mysterious NX as the Nintendo Switch, a mobile console system that you can play almost anywhere. Here are a few takeaways:

-The "console" is a screen and controller attachment that you can use on your TV with a port and disconnect to be able to use on the go.

-Gone are the days of clunky WiiU controllers: the controller located on the sides of the portable screen can detach to be used, while the screen can be set up on its stand. No more screens in your hands, and no more carpel tunnel either.

-The controller actually can be used as 2 controllers offering 2P both in your home and on the go.

-You can sync up to 4 controllers to one Switch system, Nintendo is still the only company to really continue advocating for cooperative play. 

-Has a larger controller accessory (probably at an extra cost) if you find the default controllers a little small.

-Footage of the a new Mario game was revealed along with the console.

-Will be available in March of 2017.

You can watch the trailer on Nintendo's site or twitter.


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    Nintendo's been making the Pro line of gamepads since the original Wii — a way for people to play Nintendo games with a relatively standard gamepad. The Nintendo Switch is no exception: this generation's iteration of the Pro controller looks an awful lot like an Xbox One gamepad. The thumbsticks are concave and offset, and there are four face buttons on the right side.

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