Microsoft Announces Xbox One X, How Does it Compare to PS4 Pro?

Microsoft Announces Xbox One X, How Does it Compare to PS4 Pro?

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(image credit: Microsoft)

As E3 gears up, the first trickles of gaming news and rumor mill confirmations has started to come out. First up was Microsoft (MSFT), who announced the next iteration of Xbox yesterday (formerly known as Project Scorpio), the Xbox One X

It's clear that this is Microsoft's answer to Sony's (SNE) PS4 Pro, which came out last year. Both consoles are just 4K boosted steps up from the PS4 and Xbox One; so is MSFT's newest console worth the wait?

The spec expert CNET took a look under the hood of both consoles to compare performance and other factors, you can check their chart below: 


(credit: CNET)


The Xbox One X (One X? Just X? Someone come up with a less redundant shorthand name!) defintely beats out Sony in terms of performance, with 2.3GHz of CPU, 6 teraflops of GPU, and 12GB RAM. (in comparison to PS4 Pro's 2.1GHz, only 4.2 teraflops, and 8GB RAM) 

Both however have 1TB of storage, are 4K/HDR compatible, (Xbox's optical drive is 4K/HDR, but PS4's isn't) and are roughly only one-inch different in length, with One X clocking in at 1.2 pounds more than the PS4 Pro. 

While on paper Xbox One X looks to outperform the PS4 Pro, it does cost $100 more and doesn't come out until November, so you'll be waiting a while to play 4K when it's already available through Sony. The demos at E3 showed no lags or choppiness through the 60 fps (frames per second) gameplay which is a good sign, as Xbox Head Phil Spencer said titles like Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Rocket League and Halo Wars 2 would be getting 4K enhancements. 


The console drops on November 7, but you can pre-order now from certain retailers. Microsoft has also released a "lite" version of the Xbox One, the Xbox One S, which is now available for $399. (The PS4 Slim has also gotten a gold update, and is availble for $249)  

With Nintendo taking off in a different and successful direction with the Switch, Sony and Microsoft are running the race to consumer wallets together, but who will win?



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10 responses to “Microsoft Announces Xbox One X, How Does it Compare to PS4 Pro?”

  1. Gray White says:

    How Does it Compare to PS4 Pro or PS5??

  2. PS can`t compete with Xbox anymore. I think that with the output of the following models of Xbox, Microsoft will сompletely supplant Sony from the consoles market.

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  8. theleathercity says:

    PS4, at first. Might get the X-1 later.

    I have nothing against the X-1 (aside from the silly name and the Kinect 2.0, just don't care for them and I prefer if there was a bundle without it) but I do have issues with Microsoft . Granted it looks like they are trying to fix the mess they made, but it'll take a bit more to make me trust them again (partnering with EA isn't doing them any favors.) Custom Leather Jackets.

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