Infographic: Life is Expensive, Be Prepared

Infographic: Life is Expensive, Be Prepared

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In the sagely words of hip hop group, Wu-Tang Clan, "Cash Rules Everything Around Me".  But if you've ever taken out a loan or paid the minimum on a credit card bill, you know that money doesn't come cheap. Every dollar you owe today must be paid with interest in the future.

Many choose to fight the dark forces of indebtedness with its Jedi counterpart, investing. Its seems simple but we've discovered before, many so-called investors are less savvy than they can be. People often forget that money has time value.

Investing surplus in good times can protect you from financial distress in the worst of times. Even if you put away a couple bucks today and invest it, that sapling of cash has the potential to grow into a steady stream of income so you can send future generations to college and simultaniously keep that Hulu+ account.

If you haven't already noticed, everyday living can be quite costly. And if you don’t make financial plans for the future you might find yourself in over your head and unable to make ends meet. But if you start planning and investing early, you can better expect to relax and enjoy the rest of your days in comfort. Not sure what you're up against or how to get started? Let Kapitall's infographic guide you:



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