Infographic: Is The Gaming Console Dying?

Infographic: Is The Gaming Console Dying?

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Over 400,000 Wii U (NTDOY) consoles were sold in the US in the first week of its launch, a number that might have been higher had stores been able to stock more units. Meanwhile, excitement builds for the new Xbox (MSFT) and PlayStations (SNE) expected in 2013. This gaming hype, while expected, begs a revival of the question: Is the console dying?

Consider that, yes, hard-core gamers will always exist in some capacity, but the consumer base is seemingly dwarfed by the growing ranks of mobile and online gamers. The question today is whether or not these two gamer markets (mobile casual versus traditional console) can live in harmony. Are they competitive goods or complimentary? And how are gaming companies working to bridge the consumer groups?

Let the infographic by Kaptiall guide you:



Is the console dying? 




Written by Rebecca Lipman.


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  1. tdubs says:

    As an avid gamer, I really thought I'd get something out of this article, but it seems like this was whatever was on your mind when you woke up.

    - Whether, as opposed to weather
    - most of the percentage decreases outlined in the infographic state 'year over year' …which years? What are you comparing?

    sorry for venting, I was really just frustrated that I can't get the 2 mins back that I spent reading this

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