Here’s How to Check If You’ve Been Impacted by the Equifax Data Breach

Here’s How to Check If You’ve Been Impacted by the Equifax Data Breach

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Corporate carelessness and greed has reached new heights. Equifax (EFX) announced yesterday afternoon that it had been subject to a massive hack, compromising the data of 143MN U.S customers, or about half the U.S population. 

The hack occurred on July 29 by exploiting a website application vulnerability to access sensitive information such as social security numbers, addresses, birthdates, and driver license numbers. 




The stock has dropped at both the hack and news that three executives sold $1.8MN worth of company shares after the breach had been discovered earlier this summer. 

When you go to the aforementioned website, you'll need to click 'Potential Impact' at the bottom of the page (image below) and then click 'Check Potential Impact' on the following page.


It will then prompt you with providing your last name, last 6 digits of your social security, and a captcha, then it gets frustrating. If you've been affected, it will ask you to enroll into their TrustedID Premier Service for credit file monitoring and identity theft protection. When you 'enroll' however, it just gives you a date to come back (that vary) and enroll in the service, adding, "mark your calendars as you will not receive additional reminders." So not only did you lose my information, but you're making me be accountable to tell you to protect it?



These corporations have the sensitive information of hundreds of millions of people and are never held accountable for their actions. Consumers have also reported that reaching out to Equifax's customer service leaves littles answers and only more confusion. The onus should not be on the customer to rectify the situation, it should be on the corporation, who did not take our information as seriously as it did profiting off of it. 



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  1. Mago says:

    definetely a corporation that doesn't put its customers first

    • H2O Service says:

      I was always curious about these types of breaches how could it happen, it's about cell phone providers who give access for such people to use their data privately.

  2. I Vulic says:

    What sanctions could those executives get by selling after knowing they were busted?
    I'm not big on social justice, but to me, it sounds amoral.

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