GM Acquires Strobe Inc. to Push Autonomous Vehicles Forward

GM Acquires Strobe Inc. to Push Autonomous Vehicles Forward

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(photo credit: General Motors)


General Motors (GM) doesn't want to be left in the dust of the push to self-driving, and has bought LIDAR technology company Strobe Inc. to help make their autonomous vehicles. 

"Strobe's LIDAR technology will significantly improve the cost and capabilities of our vehicles so that we can more quickly accomplish our mission to deploy driverless vehicles at scale." stated Kyle Vogt CEO of Cruise Automation which was acquired by General Motors in 2016. 

LIDAR technology, otherwise known as Light Detection and Ranging uses pulsed laser light to image and survey targets as well as map out terrain, it boasts more critical accuracy than other self-driving systems. 

"The successful deployment of self-driving vehicles will be highly dependent on the availability of LIDAR sensors," says Juile Schoenfeld, Founder/CEO of Strobe Inc. "[Strobe] will play a significant role in helping GM and Cruise bring these vehicles to market sooner than many think." 

You can read the full press release here. At time of publication, GM was trading at $45.18. 



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