Funds Are Buying 3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks in Greece

Funds Are Buying 3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks in Greece

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Last Tuesday, MSCI downgraded Greece from developed to emerging market status, placing the long-struggling nation in the company of newly upgraded Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. This move marks the first time that the financial index provider has demoted a country from developed market status.

While MSCI relegation appears to be the latest piece of bad news in Greece’s ongoing economic saga, some view it as a promising opportunity. The Financial Times reports that the emerging market index will give Greece a higher weighting and exposure to less risk-averse investors, which HSBC projects could lead to more than $1 billion in investments.

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Investor sentiment is featured heavily in the conversation surrounding Greece’s emerging market potential. This inspired us to look for promising high-yield Greek dividend stocks based with the backing of institutional investors.

We began our screen with a universe of Greek stocks  that offer a dividend between 3% and 7%. We limit our yields to a maximum of 7% because companies can have a hard time sustaining high payouts, especially if they are hit with a few bad earnings quarters.

Finally, we narrowed our group down to those stocks with bullish sentiment from institutional investors, which is reflected in significant net institutional purchases over the last quarter representing at least 5% of share float. These purchases indicate that institutional investors, such as hedge fund managers and mutual fund managers, expect these stocks to outperform into the future.

We were ultimately left with three shipping stocks.

The List

Would you follow smart money trends and invest in these Greek stocks? Use this list as a starting point for your own analysis.

1. Navios Maritime Acquisition Corporation (NNA, Earnings, Analysts, Financials): Provides marine transportation services.

Market cap at $190.7M, most recent closing price at $3.54.

Net institutional purchases in the current quarter at 12.3M shares, which represents about 27.75% of the company's float of 44.33M shares. Top holders are Claren Road Asset Management, LLC with 11.02% of outstanding shares owned, Neuberger Berman Group, LLC (9.11%) and DnB Asset Management AS (7.05%).

Dividend yield is 5.65%.

2. Safe Bulkers, Inc. (SB, Earnings, Analysts, Financials): Provides marine drybulk transportation services worldwide.

Market cap at $399.47M, most recent closing price at $5.21.

Net institutional purchases in the current quarter at 2.0M shares, which represents about 6.62% of the company's float of 30.21M shares. Top holders are: Oceanic Investment Management LTD (2.42%), Morgan Stanley (2.09%) and Regiment Capital Management, LLC (2.06%).  

Dividend yield is 3.84%.

3. Costamare Inc. (CMRE, Earnings, Analysts, Financials): Owns and charters containerships to liner companies.

Market cap at $1.3B, most recent closing price at $17.41.

Net institutional purchases in the current quarter at 1.7M shares, which represents about 6.45% of the company's float of 26.35M shares. Top holders are Morgan Stanley (34.91%), York Capital Management Global Advisors, LLC (11.28%) and Oppenheimer Funds, Inc. (7.52%). 

Dividend yield is 6.20%.

(List compiled by Mary-Lynn Cesar. Institutional data sourced from Fidelity, all other data sourced from Finviz.)


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