Federal Court Rejects Review of Net Neutrality, Could Head to Supreme Court

Federal Court Rejects Review of Net Neutrality, Could Head to Supreme Court

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The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a motion to review its decision on net neutrality regulations on Monday, as internet rights become the next item up for massive legislative changes. 

The appeal, a request for an 'en banc' (all judges) review of current rules, was made by open-internet advocacy group USTelecom and comes after FCC Chair, Ajit Pai stated the rules are next on the chopping block

While some see the rejected request as a step towards keeping the internet open, the Court of Appeals stated the only reason they rejected the review was because the FCC would be changing net neutrality rules soon anyway, "En banc review would be particularly unwarranted at this point in light of the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the FCC's Order." the court stated. 

Current net neutrality rules let the internet operate like any other public utility such as phone, gas, or electricity. Open internet advocates state these rules keep major internet providers from manipulating internet traffic by staggering internet speeds and users to their whims for monetary gain or industry monopolization.  

"We will continue to review our legal options going foward to fully protect our open internet, and to connect all Americans to the promise and potential of broadband," USTelecom CEO Jonathan Spalter remarked.

The case could be appealed at the Supreme Court level. 




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