13 Valentine’s Day Stocks for Lovelorn Investors

13 Valentine’s Day Stocks for Lovelorn Investors

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Valentine's day isn't just for couples, there's some serious money to be made. 

There's still a full week until Valentine’s Day and romantic restaurants are already booked up. That's because Valentine’s Day is unsurprisingly one of the biggest nights for dining out each year, with customers spending over 63% more on dining than a typical night. 

Investors may want to pay attention to Valentine’s Day – it’s a bigger market catalyst than one might think. And we don’t just mean restaurants: the apparel and confectioners industries see similar spikes around this time of the year. 

And while seasonality is usually factored into a stock price long before February 14th rolls around, it's always good to keep some of these trends on your radar in case things go wrong.

To help you keep track of which industries take advantage of their lascivious customers, we built this infographic that looks at the powerful economics of love. Here's our index of Valentine's Day stocks:

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Who Do You Love?





















Who Do You Love? infographic by Kapitall.











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