10 States Most Affected By The Government Shutdown

10 States Most Affected By The Government Shutdown

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by: Brett Hershman, Benzinga Staff Writer


The United States is officially three days into the government shutdown. The shutdown marks the 19th time the government has been closed for business since 1976.

Height Securities analyst Stefanie Miller last week placed better than even odds (at 55 percent) that Monday's government-funding vote will be delayed again or fail outright.

So who's feeling the heat from this latest shutdown?

According to a report from WalletHub, red states on average are less affected than blue states when it comes to a government work stoppage.













A government shutdown means thousands of nonessential government personal will be furloughed.

Even the Air Force Academy has postponed their athletic events, with the Falcons men’s basketball team postponing their game against Fresno State on Saturday.

“In the event a solution is reached, the Academy will work to reschedule as many missed events as possible,” says a statement posted on the Air Force athletics website.

The market opened slightly lower Monday.


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