Infographics: How Does Your Facebook Use Measure Up to the Average?

Infographics: How Does Your Facebook Use Measure Up to the Average?

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Over the last few months, some have begun to suggest that Facebook (FB) has lost a bit of its luster as a result of its failed IPO. When you couple that with slowing user growth, you can see why many are of the belief that the social network is not the paradigm-shifting website that some believed it would become.

Here is a video Kapitall prepared for the FB IPO launch. While it may be a bit outdated, there are some surprising facts about FB’s size, growth, social and international influence that still holds true.


Despite the IPO’s flop, Facebook is far from disappearing. As mentioned in the video above and infographic below, if Facebook were a country it would still be the third most populated in the world.

The infographic below, created by Carousel30, helps to illustrate how people use the social network.

Among the interesting pieces of information is that the average number of friends on Facebook is 229. This number grows by an average of seven friends per month.  Additionally, women are much more likely to share information with their friends, updating their status twenty-one times per month on average compared with just six times per month for men. And finally, everyone’s greatest fear (that their friend request will be rejected) does happen to a fifth of all requests. See the infographic below for more information.

Picture of a Facebook Friend


Written by Dan Connelly


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  1. Give Google+ a try for competitive comparison. My fans page on FB was flat in 90 days. On google+ my following is now up a 300%.

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