Infographic: Warren Buffett Does it All

Infographic: Warren Buffett Does it All

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Who is the one man who can singlehandedly engender confidence in a company by simply making an investment?  Well if you pay attention, you know that man is Warren Buffett. The “Oracle of Omaha” is even sought after by U.S. presidents and corporate leaders for advice on business strategy and the overall economy.

We found an inforgraphic that further illustrates just how widespread Buffett’s resources are.

As you can see below, the eighty-two year old CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (BRK.A) has investments in industries ranging from car insurance to athletic equipment and everything in between. It is rare for Buffett to totally rule out any stock, although for many years he was averse to investing in the tech sector due to a stated lack of expertise in the business.

His investing success has amassed him an astounding $44 billion fortune, more than the GDP of Honduras as a barometer and second only in the United States to Bill Gates in personal wealth. Despite all these accolades, Buffett stills manages to maintain a sense of humility, evident in his naming his company’s private jet, “The Indefensible.”


Infographic sponsored by Gems from Warren Buffett. Written by Dan Connelly


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