Infographic: The Student Loan Debt Bubble

Infographic: The Student Loan Debt Bubble

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While the lack of financial literacy in America is becoming more pronounced, a byproduct of that ignorance is students not understanding the burden they are taking on when they decide to attend expensive colleges with little financial aid.

The total student loan debt in the United States recently passed the $1 trillion threshold.  The problem has become so serious that many are predicting it will be the next bubble to burst, and some prominent intellectuals are suggesting that a college degree might no longer be worth the investment.

We found an infographic below that puts into illustrated perspective the scale of the student debt problem and its implications.
Student Loan Debt: How Big Will the Bubble Grow?
Infographic by Visual News

(Written by Dan Connelly)


13 responses to “Infographic: The Student Loan Debt Bubble”

  1. Different loans have different grace periods. A grace period is how long you can wait after leaving school before you have to make your first payment. It's six months for federal Stafford loans, but nine months for federal Perkins loans. For federal PLUS loans, it depends on when they were issued

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    Actually, I work for a student loan servicer. If you default on a federal student loan (95%+ of student loans out there), the government will garnish 15% of your wages (including SSDI and unemployment) and withhold your tax refund until paid back.
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