Infographic: Senior Citizens on Facebook

Infographic: Senior Citizens on Facebook

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We found this amazing infographic by Apparently the number of U.S senior citizens using Facebook (FB) is growing rapidly. This infographic is from 2010, we can only assume the numbers have since jumped.

Of interest: More and more educational programs are training U.S. seniors to use modern technology. Looks like the days of reminding grandma how to change the time on the stove are coming to an end. This also highlights the increased reliance U.S citizens have on social media as a way to connect and inform.

Take a look:



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  1. obgleich wir bereits durch eine Vielzahl vonseiten Materialien, welche über die Finanz- ferner Kapital sprechen langweilig, doch ich bin sehr zufrieden, Beiträge in diesem News zu lesen. Ich möchte vielen Dank für chip Blog-Autor, der bereits Informationen austauschen zu sagen.

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