Infographic: Olympic Spending, Where Does the Money Go?

Infographic: Olympic Spending, Where Does the Money Go?

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It has been made quite clear that the Olympics is a large and expensive operation that requires a great deal of investment from the host and partners.  Whether or not they make a profit off of this summer’s games in London remains to be seen.

That $18 billion cost of putting on the event is an injection expected to grow the national economy 3.5%. While that budget may appear to be a large figure, it still pales in comparison to the $40 billion spent to conduct the Summer Olympics four years ago in Beijing.

Want to know how much it has cost historically to put on this quadrennial event and where that money goes? We found an infographic by Credit Season, that illustrates in more detail how the money is spent.
Econolympics: The Economic Impact of Hosting the Olympic Games (Infographic) - An Infographic from Credit Season UK

Embedded from Credit Season UK


Written by Dan Connelly


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