Infographic: Home Is Where The Internet Is

Infographic: Home Is Where The Internet Is

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Do you like to show off all the cool places you visit to your legions of Facebook (FB) friends and Twitter followers? Well if so, you are not alone. It is becoming more and more commonplace for tourists traveling abroad to relay commentary or pictures of their destinations to those watching back home. In a way, these social networks become a photo journal or travel diary.

We found an interesting infographic from Tripl that illustrates how we stay engaged online on our journeys, with nearly three-quarters of all travelers doing so on a daily basis.  While one would expect Facebook and Twitter to be used with high frequency, you might be surprised to hear that LinkedIn also has a strong contingent of tourist users as well. This perhaps suggests that more people go abroad to advance their career opportunities than previously thought.

With in-flight Wi-Fi expanding and mobile Internet becoming prevalent, more than ever we are right at home when we go abroad.










Written by Dan Connelly. Infographics sourced from Tripl

















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