Infographic: Back-to-School Means Big Spending

Infographic: Back-to-School Means Big Spending

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As much as we might be loathe to admit it, the summer is winding down and that means soon it will be time to head back to school. If you are a kid or a parent, it’s time to stock up on notebooks and to start visiting retailers to pick ups some new clothes.

While we have already talked about which companies could see an increase in sales during this season, we came across an infographic that shows just what kind of spending is expected to take place in the next few weeks.

Among the noteworthy facts are that the average student is expected to spend $688 before classes begin, and that the back-to-school season as a whole is the second biggest consumer period outside of the holiday season. Additionally, moms tend to favor discount stores while you are more likely to find dads buying electronics.  Take a look below for more information.


Back to School

 Written by Dan Connelly


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  1. Eric NYC says:

    Why no credit to the creators of the infographic?? Can you just cut and paste their stuff?
    Why not link "infographic" in paragraph 2 to their page

  2. Becca says:

    The infographic was hyperlinked but must have been removed in the posting process. It has been corrected, thank you for calling attention to it.

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