Infographic: Everyone’s Talking Apple – Investors Must Listen Closely

Infographic: Everyone’s Talking Apple – Investors Must Listen Closely

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Among the most discussed companies on this website and many others is Apple (AAPL) because of the tech giant’s pronounced market capitalization and share price. We have told you about how social media can affect the stock market with things like the Facebook Index, and we thought it might be useful to see how the share price of a company like Apple coincides with the prevailing sentiment on social media.

We found an infographic by DCM Capital that attempts to track just that.  One of the most interesting things you can observe is that for much of the later part of 2012, Apple’s share price was much lower than what social media would lead you to believe it should be.  Additionally, for almost the entire time that the firm was tracked, social media sentiment was above the real-world share price.

Going forward, it would appear that social media sentiment analysis, a field that the firm who created this infographic, DCM Capital, professes to be an expert in, will be a useful tool in helping investors play the markets. See below for more information.




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